HUMA5630 Digital Humanities

The course introduces methods and tools of the Digital Humanities as they can used in literary, historical, art historical, and cultural studies. Students will learn how to acquire humanities data, apply data analysis, text mining, and visualization tools to explore a variety of research questions pertinent to use, sharing and presentation of humanities data.

Student Course Projects

Below are the digital humanities projects created by students in the course HUMA5630.

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2022-23 Spring HUMA5630 course

人生南北多歧路 RulinLen

KAN Yue Ming, LEE Chee Yong, LIU Kok Tsun, MA Zhengyang, ZHANG Chuhan, ZHANG Yimeng

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2022-23 Spring HUMA5630 course


CAO Xuchang, HUANG Qiyuan, LIN Yingxin, LU Liyan, TAN Yiran, YAN Zehao

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2022-23 Spring HUMA5630 course

Changes to CNN’s Coverage of China Covid-19 News – Is CNN biased?

HU Sheng, JIN Chunlei, LI Jinxuan, LI Ran, YUAN Wanyi

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