Uniting Digital Technology and Humanities Through Creativity

In the spring of 2022, the Division of Humanities and the Library at HKUST launched a joint project: the Digital Humanities Initiative (DHI). Among its efforts:

  • Coordinating training for students and research assistants working on SHSS faculty Digital Humanities projects.
  • Publishing and disseminating Digital Humanities projects by HKUST students and faculty.
  • Collaborating with counterparts at other HK universities to coordinate a Hong Kong Digital Humanities consortium series of lectures and workshops.

For Students

In addition to offering formal courses, students can:

  • Collaborate with faculty members on innovative digital humanities research projects.
  • Acquire digital methodologies a via open workshops and consultations.
  • Apply the digital methods to research projects, by working closely with faculty members.

For Faculty

In addition to gaining strategic research support, faculty can:

  • Collaborate with students from various disciplines on their unique digital humanities projects.
  • Attain digital methodologies through specialized workshops and consultations.
  • Incorporate these digital methods into their own research projects, enhancing their research with innovative digital tools.

Digital Scholarship Working Group

propic of Prof. Steven B MILES
Prof. Steven B MILES

Head and Professor, Division of Humanities

propic of Dr. Gabrielle K W WONG
Dr. Gabrielle K W WONG

Director of Library Services

propic of Edward SPODICK

Associate Director of Library Services

propic of Victoria F CAPLAN
Victoria F CAPLAN

Head (Research & Learning Support), Library

propic of Qiuzi GUO
Dr. Qiuzi GUO

Lecturer, Division of Humanities
Digital Humanities Specialist, Library

propic of Leo C H WONG

Librarian (Systems & Digital Services), Library

propic of Aster L ZHAO
Aster L ZHAO

Librarian (Research Support), Library

propic of Jennifer Y S GU
Jennifer Y S GU

Librarian (Research Support), Library

propic of 	Shirley X ZHANG
Shirley X ZHANG

Librarian (Archives & Special Collections), Library

propic of Holly H Y CHAN
Holly H Y CHAN

Assistant Manager (Digital Humanities), Library