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New Digital Humanities Project: HK1997

hk1997 website preview

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Digital Humanities Project – HK1997 ( that collaborated with Mr. Birdy Chu from the Division of Humanities.

Birdy Chu is an artist, photographer, film maker and also lecturer. Birdy was majoring in design, film and video production and advanced photography in Hong Kong and Canada. He has worked as photojournalist, video director, art curator and lecturer. His photography and films has been exhibited at many cities. He employs visual images to show his concerns on social development and leaves evidence to this ever changing world.

In this project, Mr. Birdy Chu provided the photos that he captured throughout the year in 1997 – before and after the handover of Hong Kong. We developed a website to showcase these photos in a variety of ways, including gallery, timeline and map. We also made used of Google Earth, allowing visitors to compare the Hong Kong’s view captured in 1997 with the current street view in Google Maps.

Visit the project website – Join us to traverse time and space, travel back to the 1997 of Hong Kong through the poetic frames of Birdy Chu’s evocative lenswork.

Project Website:

Project Team:
  • Birdy CHU, Division of Humanities
  • Qiuzi GUO, Division of Humanities & Library
  • Holly CHAN, Library
  • Sammi CHENG, student helper